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18/6/13   National Catholic Reporter   An 'invitation to lunch' pastoral theology
4/3/13   Desmond Fisher   Curial horror greeted John XXIII's announcement of ecumenical council
4/3/13   Dr. Joseph Mattam sj   Clergy-Laity divide in the Church
4/3/13   Dr. Richard Mc Brien  
4/3/13   Robert Kaiser   The Second Vatican Council has already made us free
10/11/12     History of Spiritus Christi Church
10/11/12   Tom Roberts   Cleveland parish remains a community of a different sort
13/8/12   Brian Coyne   What will the Catholic Church of the future look like?
20/7/12   Charlene Ozanick   Two stories, one theme:  women, feminist theology and the American Catholic Church
20/7/12   Roy Bourgeois   Fr. Roy Bourgeois Refuses to Recant
20/7/12   Lys Anzia   New book charts women priests movement for human rights in religion
18/4/12   Robert Kaiser   No, not schismatic, American
18/4/12   Tom Roberts   Outline of new life
23/2/12   Bishop Pat Power   Catholic Church needs total reform
23/2/12   William Slavick   The Roman Missal – a crisis?
20/1/12   Timothy Radcliffe   Should I stay or should I go?
15/12/11   Dr. Anthony Padovano   Reclaiming the Spirit and Vision of the People of God
15/12/11     Memorandum of professors of theology
15/12/11     Concerned Catholics of Missoula, Montana, USA
1/11/10   Kevin Dowling   Leadership does not have all the answers all the time
21/10/10   National Catholic Reporter   Speak up for our women religious
18/10/10   Dr. Rosemary Radford Ruether   Women priests offer differing approaches to valid ordination
24/7/10   Dr. Marcel Poorthuis   Cyprian and the tolerance of our Mother the Church
9/2/10   Maureen Gaffney   Church's view of sex the root cause of its troubles
5/11/09   Roy Bourgois MM.   To the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, the Vatican
5/11/09   Janice Sevre-Duszynska   Conscience led me to ordination as Woman Priest
25/9/09   Jon O'Brien   Statement on
30/8/09   Dr. Mary Condren   Clerics dodge responsibility to claim moral high ground
13/8/09   Tom Roberts   Carving out a spiritual home
20/6/09   Benedictus XVI   Dear Brothers in the Episcopal Ministry!
4/6/09   Frances Kissling   can-a-catholic-be-pro-choice
4/6/09   Jon O'Brien   catholics-for-choice-decries-bishops-condemnation-of-rape-victim
7/5/09   Dr. Waclaw Hryniewicz OMI   "The Saviour… uses many tunes"
13/2/09   Bartholomeus I   The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church
12/2/09     Petition for the full recognition of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council
28/1/09   Dr. Wolfgang Seibel sj   The beginnings of the beginning – or the end of the new song?
10/12/08   Internationale Federatie voor een Vernieuwd Katholiek Ambt   An Appeal from Vienna
30/11/08   IMWAC   We are Church: The Roman Catholic Church should accept the role of condoms in the prevention of HIV/Aids
3/11/08   N.N.   Petition to Pope Benedict XVI
30/9/08   Bisschop Thomas Gumbleton   You are Peter, and…
30/9/08   N.N.   Reception of a Bishop
6/8/08   Dr. Patricia Fresen   Ordained Ministry as Envisioned by RCWP and by the Dutch Dominicans
6/8/08   Wij zijn kerk   Noi siamo Chiesa responds Vatican Aide on Open Letter to the Pope
3/8/08   Dr. Jan Nieuwenhuis   Priest for ever
26/7/08   Kritische katholieken   An Open Letter to the Pope - 40 Years Humanae Vitae
26/7/08   Wij zijn kerk   40 Years Encyclical
27/5/08   Dr. Andrea M. Johnson   The Church We Want
24/5/08   Dr. Robert J. Egan sj   Why Not Ordain Women?
10/3/08   Henk Baars   “Nobody wants to be here”
11/2/08   N.N.   Comments to the Answer of the Magister
2/2/08   Carlos A. Azpiroz Costa, o.p.   Answer of the Magister of the Dominicans
1/1/08   Vanuit het Bestuur van de Nederlandse dominicanen   The Church and the Ministry - Towards a Church with a Future
24/12/07   Dr. Paul Collins   A Bishop drops a bombshell
24/5/06   Dr. Angela Berlis   Being a Pilgrim People - a Plea for a Synodal Church
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